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Life Spring offers financial aid to students of all ages in order to make a life changing eductaion a reality. For most children in Africa, education offers a way out of the cycle of poverty that is so prevalent. Due to the lack of opportunities for girls and women in African society, Life Spring provides twice as many scholarships to girls as boys. Click for more info . . .

Primary School

Life Spring Learning Center opened in 2013 and provides an affordable eductaion for local children through Primary 3 (up to age 9).

The government required curriculum is taught by trained educators. Click for more info . . .

Feeding Program

Many children in rural Africa go without regular nutritious meals. Life Spring offers daily nutritious porridge for hundreds of children every day. The porridge is served by compassionate volunteers and provides the nutrition they need to stay healthy and to focus on schoolwork. Click for more info . . .

Clean Water

Using Sawyer filters, Life Spring provides a way for the local communities to make sure the water they drink is free from harmful elements. This reduces water borne disease and saves on healthcare related expenses. Click for more info . . .

Solar Power

Using technology in cooperation with our natural world is a great way to protect the environment while lowering power bills in rural Kenya. Life Spring is dedicated to these goals by bringing solar power to the local community. Click for more info . . .

Chicken Hatcheries

Western Kenya is dependent on agriculture and livetsock. So, Life Spring is tappig into this industry to provide opportunities for the community to increase their economic security and standard of living. Chicken hatcheries (incubators) are a perfect way to improve production of poultry and create jobs. Click for more info . . .

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