Clean Water Saves Lives

Access to water is one challenge in rural Africa. Access to clean water is a tougher challenge.

Life Spring has experimented with various water filtration systems since 2005. In 2009, we settled on the most affordable, mobile, high quality water filtration system with the best adoption rate with the local community. Life Spring now uses Sawyer products exclusively, with many filters distributed free of charge among the communities where we operate. These filters have helped reduce water borne disease and lowered health care expenses for local families. Better health also decreases the number of missed school days for the children.


The Sawyer Point One filter is self cleaning, and never needs a replacement filter for the life of the product.


For information on the Sawyer Point One Filter click here.


To donate a water filter ($45 each) click here and designate the funds on the confirmation page.


Check out the video below.